Dream of: 10 October 2006 "Religious Convictions"

My father and I were sitting in the front seat of my car in Patriot. A frizzy-haired woman (about 35 years old, she resembled a woman named Joanie whom I had recently met in the Bonnyfiddle area of Portsmouth) was sitting in the back seat. She was Amish and as such, was dressed in gray. She was a little heavy and her neck was stout.

She was talking about some pains she was having. I suggested she stand on her head, even though I knew doing so would be difficult for her because of her weight. Nevertheless, I thought standing on her head might help her. I told her I had stood on my head three times earlier in the morning. I told her I had been suffering from a headache before, but after standing on my head, the headache disappeared.

I suddenly remembered something very strange. I started to tell the others what I remembered, but my father interrupted me and he began telling a little story. When he had finished with his story, I again began talking. I told them I had recently called a man who was renowned for his spirituality, and I had asked the man to give me the names of the two most spiritual people in the United States. The man had given me the names of two women who lived near Patriot. One woman was involved with an eastern religion (perhaps Buddhism) and the other woman was Amish. I had already visited the first woman, but I hadn't yet seen the Amish woman. Now, I suddenly realized the Amish woman in the back seat was probably the second woman.

As I told the woman the story, I felt a strong attraction for her. The coincidence of her being there also seemed compelling. She seemed intelligent, and I gathered she was high-up in the Amish world.

By now I was sitting in the back seat and I expressed my thought that she might be the woman who had been referred to me. She said there was another Amish woman named Sussie who lived on the Saunders' hill (a big hill on the edge of Patriot owned by Bobby and Madelyn Saunders, residents of Patriot) and that Sussie might be the woman I was looking for.

She and I moved closer together until we finally engaged in a short kiss. It seemed we were meant for each other. We embraced and gave each other a semi-passionate kiss. It seemed she was signaling me that she was unmarried, that she was available, and that she sensed the same feeling of destiny.

I found the kiss, however, unfulfilling -- it somehow seemed hollow -- and when I noticed she was wearing a gold ring, I wondered about its significance. Suddenly I realized the problem: her faith would cause problems between us. I had already told myself that I didn't want a relationship with anyone with convictions for a particular religion. If she and I had a relationship, I would always be trying to change her. I had not planned for anything like this, and I had grave misgivings, even though I was still deeply drawn to her.

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