Dream of: 08 October 2006 "High School Affair"

I was in a high school classroom. I had been missing classes and I wasn't even sure I was going to graduate from high school. I thought I might end up being a high school drop-out. I was already 19 years old, and if I dropped out of this class, I would probably end up dropping out of high school. If I dropped out, however, I might try to get a GED. I wondered if I would have to go to classes to get a GED or if I could get a GED just by studying on my own. I liked to study on my own.

Class ended and I walked out into the hallway, then into a little room off to the side of the school. No one was in the room at first, but then my old ninth grade math teacher, Miss Wolfe, walked in. She walked up and sensually hugged me. I stepped away from her and walked back out into the hallway.

From where I was standing, I could look into a mirror in the hallway and see into a room at the end of the hall. Carolina and Yonis (both about 16 years old) were in the room. They walked out into the hallway but they didn't see me because the hall was crowded with people. They walked into another room and I followed them. They were surprised when they saw me.

I stepped closer to Yonis. I was attracted to Yonis and I thought she was also attracted to me. I was standing so close to her, her right breast was rubbing against my left arm. She moved back and forth a couple times, with her breast rubbing my arm. I wanted to stand next to her longer and talk with her, but I turned and walked over to Carolina, about a meter away.

Carolina said studying her subjects was just a waste of time. I told her I felt the same way about what I was studying. I was carrying a big thick book for an English class I was taking. I thought that class was also a waste of time. I already knew everything in the book. I didn't even know why I was taking the class.

I began talking to Carolina about Miss Wolfe. I said, "My trigonometry professor wants to have an affair with me."

I could immediately tell Carolina didn't want me to have the affair, so I doubted I would. We continued talking.

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