Dream of: 06 October 2006 "Conversation Starter"

I had gone to a party. When I arrived, practically no one was present, and I began to wonder if anyone was even going to come. Some food was arranged on a table -- Oreos, potato chips, and other stuff.

I sat down in a chair in a little recess in the wall and began drinking a Samuel Adams beer. Marjean (a former high school schoolmate) was sitting on my left, just around the corner of my little recess, but I didn't speak to her. I was unsure, but I thought this might be her party.

I finished my beer, stood up, and headed to fetch another. By now, quite a few other people had begun showing up. I walked up to the table where the beer was being served and told the woman serving the beer that I wanted a Samuel Adams. She handed me a bottle and said, "That'll be 39 cents."

I realized a nominal fee was now being charged for the beer. They were charging for everything now. A bunch of other bottles of liquor were on the table. I also noticed another large serving table behind me with food piled up on it. People were serving themselves cafeteria-style.

By now at least 100 people were in the room walking around. I looked them over, but I didn't see any attractive women, so I wasn't particularly excited about what was going on. I thought I would simply sit down next to Marjean again and try to think of something to say to her. I didn't know what I could talk about to her, but I thought I remembered that she used to smoke marijuana when we had been in high school. Maybe I could ask her if she knew where I could get some pot, or at least say something about pot. I thought maybe I could lead into the subject of pot with a little story. I could start by telling her that I used to use drugs like LSD. I could talk about how I later became a lawyer, and then I could make up a story about a lawyer who went to court high on LSD and had a trial. Maybe if I made up a funny little story like that, tying in two former parts of my life -- the drug life and the legal life -- we could start a conversation.

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