Dream of: 30 September 2006 "Wind"

I had driven my car out into a forest area to a place where small cabins were for rent. I went to the front office and rented a cabin for a day for $50 from a man in the office. I headed to the little cabin, reached it, and walked inside.

The room contained a television and a mattress on the floor. I turned on the television and pictures of naked women began appearing, little vignettes, one after the other. They didn't much interest me. Finally, however, a dark-haired woman with beautiful voluptuous breasts appeared. I immediately thought I was going to masturbate.

As the film continued, I began looking for a remote control so I could pause the picture, but I couldn't find one. I knew a remote was somewhere there, but I just couldn't find it.

I straightened the blankets on the mattress and lay down, completely forgetting about the pictures on the television. As I lay on the mattress, I began wondering if bugs might be on the mattress, and then I saw a couple tiny, almost microscopic bugs. I thought they might be bed bugs and I smashed them. I wished I had brought my own sheet. Then I remembered I did have some of my own covers with me. I stood up and spread out my covers on the mattress. Now I felt much better about the mattress.

I noticed the room seemed a bit too warm. A gas heater in the room was turned on. I walked over to the heater and turned it down. I hoped the heater wouldn't put out any carbon monoxide and kill me during the night. I figured I would probably be safe. 


The following day I was outside in the woods, sitting in a red chair which could move along over the ground. I found some white buildings back in the woods, and I realized Jon and I had been there once before, many long years ago. It seemed so strange that I was now back there at this same place where Jon and I had been.


I was back in the cabin. I looked outside through the window and saw a white horse in a flat area near the edge of the woods. I walked outside and the horse walked toward me. It wasn't a large horse. It was very hairy. It looked friendly and it walked right up to me. Right on its forehead was a little plaque with the word "wind" written in small letters on it. I assumed the name of the horse was "Wind."

For an instant, I was afraid the horse was going to bite me, but then I began petting it. I thought the horse had probably come to me expecting some little treat and I wished I had something to give it. I could hear a woman in the front office (which was close by) say that I shouldn't pet the horse now, but that I could pet it later when I brought it a treat.

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