Dream of: 28 September 2006 "Visiting El Salvador"

I was in a house where Carolina (about 15 years old) was living with her mother Paz. I was in a room with Carolina and I was enjoying her company. She had a television which was on its back so looking at the screen was like looking down at a table. The screen was large -- about a meter square. Carolina had a software program which she was running which showed an aerial view of houses in Portsmouth and all over Scioto County.

Information about different houses was also displayed. I saw some information about the house of the parents of Walls. The information showed that Walls' mother, Virgie Walls, was still alive and that she had a 1/2 interest in the house. Walls' father, however, had died.

I thought the program was great. This would be a good program for my father. Maybe I could take the program to him and he could put it on his computer. I realized, however, that he didn't have much space on his computer, so he might not want the program. Plus, my step-mother would be with my father -- my giving the program to him with her around would be a hassle. So I probably wouldn't take the program to him, even though I thought it would be a good program for him.

I thought how I was spending more and more time in Scioto County, and that I might end up simply living permanently in Scioto County.

Paz walked into the room. In a flurry, Paz, Carolina and I got into a car (with Paz driving) and Paz almost instantaneously took us to Paz's sister's house in El Salvador. I didn't want to go. I had no desire to be here, but suddenly we were in front of the house. Paz parked the car, and we all stepped out in front of Paz's sister's tiny house. The house was sitting next to a much larger house, and I seemed to remember that some white people lived in the big house. I could see a white woman (about 50 years old) standing in the doorway of the larger house, looking at me, as if she were wondering what I was doing here.

I walked into the little house, which was much bigger inside than I had expected. As I walked through six or seven rooms, I even began thinking I might like to live here. This might be a good place for me to stay.

I could hear Paz talking with someone in the house about me, saying that I had "good sense." I felt good that she was saying that.

I came to a room which contained a set of stairs leading up to a door. A thin woman was walking up the stairs to the door. She was carrying something. She said, "Hello, Steve."

I looked at the woman and realized she was my grandmother Leacy (about 60 years old). I suddenly realized I had forgotten that my grandmother was living down there. I answered, "Hi, grandma."

I was amazed that I had forgotten that she lived there. I was uncertain how long she had been there. I asked her how she was doing. She acted as if life was hard and that she had to struggle to work. She started walking down the stairs. I walked up the stairs and met her half way. I put my arms around her, hugged her, and said, "Its so good to see you."

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