Dream of: 26 September 2006 (2) "A Good Aim"

I was running and running until I reached some bleachers and sat down. I felt like taking off all my clothes, until I realized other people were around me. Looking closer, I realized all the people were women, dressed in bathing suits, gathered near a swimming pool. At first I thought the women were simply diving into the pool, but then I realized they were competing in Olympic-style water sports.

One big fat woman walked up to the pool, apparently intending to do a flip into the pool. A scorecard showed that she had successfully completed six or seven of the last ten flips which she had attempted. She made her flip, and the judges graded the flip as "wobbly."

An attractive pleasantly-plump woman (probably in her mid 30s) came out next. Just as she was about to start her routine, I felt something touch my cheek. I looked around and saw a woman (probably in her late 20s) who had apparently touched me. Since she was so attractive, I scooted closer to her. When I was closer to her, however, I saw that she had ugly pimples all over her face. Nevertheless, I began talking with her and we carried on a conversation. Finally I told her I was on my way to Texas. As the woman answered me in a long Texas draw, I became conscious that we were in New York City. The woman said something about going to school in Texas, and I responded that not everyone who went to Texas went to school there.

I glanced away for a moment, and when I looked back at her, her face was radiant -- beautiful and clear. She didn't even look the same. Finally, looking closer, I realized she wasn't the same woman (even though she was probably also in her late 20s). I asked her if she was the same woman and she said, "No." Then she said something nasty about the other woman.

A third woman (about the same age) was sitting on the other side of her. Both were wearing bikinis. I talked with both and told them I was planning to go to Europe. I told them that very few people actually went to Europe, and that 90% of the people who went there didn't stay there because it was too complicated. I told them Europe was the best place in the world if it wasn't too complicated for a person, and I added that Europe wasn't too complicated for me. I had the feeling the woman next to me wouldn't go to Europe, however, because it would be too complicated for her.

I moved closer and closer to her. I explained that I was telling her about my going to Europe because I didn't want to lead her on into having contact with me and then I would simply leave. I moved closer and slipped my hand down the top of her bikini. Suddenly I realized this wasn't the same woman, but yet another different woman.

I pulled away, continuing to talk with this new woman when I realized I was actually talking with my father (about 40 years old). I continued explaining to him that I planned to go to Europe. He asked me to hold out my left hand, which I did. My hand was steady, with hardly any perceptible shaking. He said I had "a good aim." He acted as if it wasn't great, but good enough.

He asked me about what I was leaving behind. I told him my grandparents were dead, my parents were going to die, and I hardly ever saw my aunts and uncles. There was nothing to keep me from going. He finally seemed to understand why I was going to go to Europe and that I knew what I was doing.

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