Dream of: 26 September 2006 "Course Of A Night"

My sister and an attractive black-haired girl (who looked like Yonis) were in a room in a basement with me (they were both 15-16 years old). I was very attracted to the black-haired girl, but I had never had any physical contact with her. Since she was so young, I doubted I ever would.

Nevertheless, the three of us climbed into bed together, with my sister in the middle. I would have liked to have been next to the girl, but my sister was between us. At one point I saw the black-haired girl's breasts, which were small but enticing.

A television in the room was turned on to a program about dreams. The program was an hour long, and I had already missed the first 15 minutes, but I started watching. The program was colorful and interesting. Someone was talking about how the nature of dreams changed during the course of a night. Thus it was necessary to understand when the dream occurred to actually understand the dream. I had never thought of that. I wanted to continue watching, but unfortunately my sister picked up the remote control and changed the channel to some inane comedy. On the show, someone was standing behind a cow, pushing it and trying to milk it. The show was ridiculous.

I wanted to stay with the girls, but the dream program had interested me so much, I thought I might be able to see it on a television upstairs. I climbed out of bed and walked up the stairs to the first floor. I was in the House in Patriot, in the middle living room. My mother and my grandmother Leacy were in the small bedroom off to the side of the room. It looked as if my mother had her top off and as if my grandmother were massaging my mother's back.

When I realized I wasn't going to be able to watch the television up there, I walked back downstairs. By now, both girls were out of bed. I stood with my back against a wall and the black-haired girl walked up to me and started kissing me. During the delectable kiss, I began feeling her breast, which she allowed. We waxed more passionate and I moved my hands down around her waist, one hand in front, one hand behind, pressing hard with my hands. She was obviously becoming more and more enflamed. I doubted I would, but I began thinking I might make love with her right there. Something, however, was holding me back from going all the way.

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