Dream of: 24 September 2006 "Investigating Tires"

I was helping another lawyer work on a legal case. As part of the case, we were examining a tire, which the other lawyer described as a "three thirty." He mentioned the words "three thirty" several times, but I didn't know what they meant. The lawyer said that "three thirty" described the dimensions of the tire. I looked at a paper which had come with the tire when it had been new to see if I could find the words "three thirty." I finally concluded that the "three" described the width of the tire, and the "thirty" described the circumference. Apparently tires also came in other sizes, but "three thirty" was the most common.

The lawyer said the law had recently changed, and now tires came with three different papers. Each paper contained different information about the tire. However, if the papers did not accompany the tires, enforcing the law was difficult. Nevertheless, the large companies which manufactured tires were now required to supply much more information with the tires. The lawyer thought the new paperwork would prove to be a breakthrough in the investigation of tires.

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