Dream of: 23 September 2006 (2) "Show No Fear"

I was enjoying myself walking down a little country road which seemed close to Patriot. I was supposed to be somewhere else, but this place was so picturesque and beautiful, I couldn't tear myself away. I walked a couple kilometers over the undulating road, past fences and fields.

I came to a crossroads and up ahead of me I saw a white animal which I realized was a very large fluffy sheep. It started walking toward me and I thought it was going to let me pet it. But then I noticed a second sheep, which appeared to be the male. Looking at the second animal more closely, however, I saw that it was actually a lion, a male lion with a mane. Then I saw a second male lion. They weren't large. They were standing close to the sheep, apparently living in harmony with the sheep.

Since I didn't know if the lions were tame, I turned down the road to my right and began walking as quickly as I could. I knew I shouldn't show any fear. When I looked back, I saw a couple female lions, which looked as if they might be following me. Up above me on a bank to my right, I now noticed four large cats which looked lie cheetahs, except that they were gray.

I realized I was in a world of trouble; if one of these animals were to attack me, I would have nobody out there to help me. I hastened along. I looked back and saw that one of the lions was walking very close to me, following me. My only thought was to show no fear and keep moving. 

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