Dream of: 23 September 2006 "Missed Opportunity"

I had met Leah (about 35 years old) in new York City. We went to a hotel together and ended up in bed. I was naked, on top of her, rubbing my penis against her chest (almost flat). I wanted to show her that I really cared about her. Suddenly I looked down and saw a little bit of sperm come out of my penis. I kept rubbing my penis against her, and the next time I looked down I saw that a big gob of sperm had come out on her chest. I was surprised, because I hadn't even felt anything. It seemed strange that I had had an orgasm without feeling.

She stopped, obviously disgusted by what had happened. I climbed off. I felt terrible. I thought I had had a premature ejaculation. I hadn't felt anything, and I had failed to show Leah that I cared for her. It was just a big mess.

Leah was getting ready to leave. Obviously she didn't want to stay here with me. I felt as if I had missed a great opportunity to get closer to her. I felt very bad about it.

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