Dream of: 17 September 2006 (2) "Reading Music"

I walked into a restaurant in Portsmouth and I sat down at a counter. I looked to my right and saw Gannon (about 30 years old)  sitting there. I started talking with him and he told me he was going to be in Portsmouth for a while. He asked what I was doing there. I told him I would stay there for a few months, then leave. I asked him if he were playing in a band. He said he didn't have a band at the moment, but he was putting one together. He had already found a drummer.

I pulled out my flute, which I happened to have with me. I played a little song -- I could only play little ditties. I pointed out that one of my keys was sticking. He asked if I could read music (he didn't think I could). I told him I could, but not well. He suggested that I make lines on a board, then put leaves on the board, to represent notes.

He was very friendly, but finally he had to get up and leave. An older woman who apparently knew him began talking with him. Finally he walked out.

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