Dream of: 16 September 2006 "Snake Gone Insane"

the power of the

human will may dissolve the

evil in one's soul

My father, my sister and I had been watching a public performance. When the performance ended, the three of us were the first to leave. We walked outside, and when the other people came out, everyone was smiling. As the throng passed by us, I at first thought they were smiling at us - but they were not. My sister (who had climbed onto a bicycle) was smiling back at the crowd. I also began smiling.

While my sister stayed on the bicycle, my father and I climbed into a car, with my father in the driver's seat. He drove off, but we only traveled a short distance before he said he was going to have to circle back around to meet my sister, even though he was not completely sure where. I thought if I had been my sister, I would have made arrangements where to meet, but she did not seem to arrange things like that.

As we were turning around, I noticed a house with a cage in the back yard behind the house. A snake was in the cage. At first the snake looked like a huge python. It was gigantic. Its teeth - on top and bottom - looked like the teeth of a saber-tooth tiger, about 20 centimeters long. The snake was moving around the cage, obviously unhappy. Keeping the poor snake caged up like that seemed cruel to me. I thought the snake might even have gone insane in the cage. It was opening its mouth wide as if it were trying to attack something in the cage - but there was nothing in the cage for it to attack.

My father and I continued on our way to see if we could find my sister.

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