Dream of: 14 September 2006 (2) "Ulu Sarai"

My mother had died and I wanted to have her body cremated. I was carrying her body (chopped up in little pieces) in a little plastic bag. I was in an extremely large bazaar in India, with little shops all over the place. I walked into a restaurant where the cremation would be performed and I handed the bag to someone. I sat down at table with some other people, and as I cried profusely, I proceeded to fill out the proper forms. When I had finished, I waited for the cremation to begin.

After I had stopped crying, four or five girls who worked into the shop stepped up to me, handed me a brochure and began talking about where the ashes would be taken. Although they couldn't speak English and I couldn't speak their language, they showed me a picture of a cemetery with a little temple. However this wasn't what I wanted. I listened as they tried to convince me to put the ashes in the cemetery. They handed me a form which I still needed to sign and I looked it over. I protested, however, that I didn't want to put my mother's ashes in this cemetery. I just wanted to have the body cremated and put in a paper sack so I could take the ashes with me. I was uncertain what I would ultimately do with the ashes -- I might take them back to the United States, I might throw them to the wind in India. The girls, however, continued to insist the ashes should be deposited in the cemetery. 

When the girls finally walked away, I stood and walked up some stairs to the second floor to the restaurant's kitchen. I met a man and I asked him who was in charge. He garbled something, but he didn't speak English and I didn't understand him. I saw another fellow (about 35 years old, he rather looked like the Australian television personality known as the "Crocodile Hunter"). He was headed down the stairs and I asked him if he could speak English. He answered in English and told me he didn't work there, but he would try to help me. As we walked down the steps together, I told him what I wanted to do. He stumbled and when his cheek rubbed against mine, I backed off, thinking he might be gay. But he straightened up and it appeared that someone might have pushed him and he hadn't purposely touched me.

He said I should go see someone named "Ulu Sarai" who was located in the "creative arts building." I liked the sound of "creative arts" and I asked him for directions. He began giving me some complicated directions. I was already imagining a building with metal iron-work and metal sculptures. I thought I would just pick up my mother's body and take it. Plus, I would take the forms, which I had already spent so much time filling out. I would take my mother's body to Ulu Sarai to be cremated.

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