Dream of: 14 September 2006 "Marrying For Money"

As I was driving my car in the north-Dallas area, I was talking on my cell phone with my ex-wife, Louise (who I imagined about 30 years old). She suddenly blurted out that she was going to get married today. She had just met somebody she wanted to marry and that was the end of the story -- she hung up.

I was stunned -- I couldn't believe it. I tried to call back, but I couldn't reach her. I continued driving, trying to figure out how this could have happened. Again I tried to call back, and this time I reached a recorded message. In the message, Louise sounded very happy (in a way, she reminded me of my wife Carolina). The recorded message invited everyone to come to her wedding today. I listened, trying to figure out how this could be possible. She described her husband (who was from India) in the message. I imagined a brown-skinned man. Her marrying someone like that simply didn't make sense.

Suddenly I realized what must have happened: he must be wildly rich. She had probably just met him, seen how rich he was, and turned on the charm. She had quickly decided he was what she wanted, and he just as quickly had decided she was what he wanted. Voila -- they had decided to marry. Now that I imagined this fellow as someone fabulously rich, it all made sense: Louise was marrying him for his money. Maybe they would even end up being happy together -- it was possible.

In my mind, however, I could see the marriage falling apart very quickly. If the marriage ended, would I start seeing her again -- or would I finally realize she was out of my system? For some reason, I just couldn't seem to put her out of my mind.

As I had been listening to the message, I had put the car on automatic so it was driving by itself. I realized the car was going too fast, and I needed to refocus my attention again on the car. I began looking for an exit where I could turn around and head back to the Dallas area.

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