Dream of: 12 September 2006 "Magic Powers"

I had walked from the Gallia County Farm to a neighboring farm. As I strolled around a hilly area, I noticed dozens of piles of brush and trees being burned. I concluded the farmer on this land was burning the wood to clear the land. I walked to the top of a high hill, where I spotted a couple fellows dressed in orange outfits busily burning the piles of wood. I figured they probably didn't want me up there.

Since I was so high up on the hill, I decided I would simply fly off. On a steep slope, I simply stretched out my arms, fell forward, and easily flew down toward the bottom of the hill. Once I reached the bottom, I continued flying around the whole area. I flew all the way back to the Farm and even flew inside the Farmhouse, where I continued to fly inside.

My father (about 50 years old) was inside the Farmhouse. He was talking to someone about me, criticizing me, and leveling a constant barrage of criticism against me. As I continued flying, I told him that the only thing he ever did was criticize me -- he never said anything good about me. He only spewed a constant flow of criticism. He continued talking to someone else, and said, "Steven thinks he has magic powers just because he can fly."

I was amazed that he couldn't even appreciate the fact that I could fly. Even my flying he criticized. He then stated that the only benefit he could derive from me was if I would die and he could inherit something from me. He then mentioned my deceased brother,  c, and he said he had never had any problems with Dolfie. In my father's eyes, Dolfie had been almost perfect. I, however, was completely different.

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