Dream of: 11 September 2006 "Unexpected Resignation"

I had hired Alcorn to work for me in my law office. Other people were also working in the office and we were all at a meeting in the law office. Alcorn and I were sitting at some tables which were arranged in the shape of a square "U." Standing in the space at the top of the U was a woman who was in charge of the office. She also seemed a bit like a teacher. She had brown skin and looked as if she might be from India. I liked the woman -- she seemed a bit like a mentor for us, although I didn't work for her. I worked for myself. 

Alcorn was sitting on one side of the U (to the woman's left) and I was straight across from him, looking at him. Another lawyer was sitting beside me and a lawyer was also sitting beside Alcorn. We also had some assistants sitting with us.

Alcorn was dressed casually in blue jeans and a short-sleeved red shirt. He was reading a comic book. I had given him some work to do and I knew he had probably finished the work, but I was surprised to see him reading comics, especially since I was paying him by the hour.

When the meeting ended, I called Alcorn out into the hall, and I blurted out that I wasn't going to be able to continue paying him if he were just going to be reading comics. He seemed insulted. He told me that he quit and he walked off.


The following day I was driving a car toward Dallas. Carolina was sitting in the front passenger seat. I was having trouble driving. It was dark outside and several times cars came to sudden stops in front of me. I almost hit one. A car hauling a small trailer had pulled off the side of the road and apparently was causing much of the problem. After we had passed the broken-down car, I began telling Carolina about what had happened with Alcorn. I told her I hadn't intended to fire Alcorn, that I had only wanted to take him out into the hallway and explain to him that I couldn't pay him if he were gong to read comics on the job. I expressed my dismay to Carolina that Alcorn had simply quit like that, because I could have used him.

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