Dream of: 01 September 2006 "Dog Woman"

My pet Dalmatian Picasso and I were standing outside the 17th Street House. Several of my big blue plastic storage boxes were sitting out there. Suddenly the wind caught one of the empty boxes and blew it down to the corner of Mabert Road. I was amazed by how fast the wind was. Picasso and I chased after the box, following it as it was blown down Mabert. We followed for quite a ways, but I soon lost sight of the box. We turned down another street, where I saw the box floating in the water of a large creek, about three meters from the shore.

I walked to the water's edge and decided to go in after the box. I tromped into the water, pushing down water lilies, and headed toward the box. By the time I reached the box, however, it had sunk. I started trying to feel down in the water, and I was just about to give up, when suddenly I felt the box. I pulled it up to the surface. and threw it up onto the bank.

Some women were standing on the bank. I didn't know what they thought about what I was doing, but I soon noticed some more plastic boxes in the water. I picked up two or three more and threw them up on the bank. Finally I noticed a bridge crossing the creek near me, and perhaps 100 plastic boxes all piled up on the water against the bridge. I pulled out one of the boxes from the bottom of the pile and the entire pile came tumbling down into the water.

I climbed back onto the bank, thinking I would try to salvage as many of the boxes as I could. They were nice boxes. But when I looked back over the creek, all the boxes were floating away. Even the original box I had been chasing was back in the creek, which now looked more like a wide river.

I hesitated about going after the boxes. But suddenly Picasso jumped into the water and started swimming toward the boxes. I hollered at him to stop, but he continued swimming toward the boxes. I ran along the bank and I began thinking that if I wanted to, I could simply fly out over the water. I continued running along the shore, which became sandy, and then suddenly I leapt into the air and began flying over the water toward Picasso.

The creek/river soon seemed to terminate in a large pond where attractive houses lined the shore. Suddenly I heard a woman screaming to me that I was not allowed to swim here. I continued flying right past Picasso to the shore on the other side of the pond and I landed in someone's yard. I hoped no one came outside. There was a fence along one side of the yard and on the other side of the fence was a pretty Dalmatian.

Picasso was coming toward me. He had managed to climb unto my original blue box and was floating toward me.  I also saw that three or four other dogs had also climbed onto the box with Picasso. One was also a Dalmatian. All the dogs were holding onto the box with their front legs on top and swimming with their back legs. They all pushed the box toward me, and just when they reached the shore, I looked down and saw that one of the dogs looked like a woman.

She was wearing jeans and had the body of a woman, but she had the face of a dog. It was one of the ugliest faces I had ever seen. She stood up on the shore below me, and she said I could touch her if I wanted. I felt somehow connected to her, but she was so ugly, I was uncertain I wanted to touch her. I was unsure what to do. She was friendly, and somehow I liked her, but the sight of her was so startling.

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