Dream of: 28 August 2006 (2) "Battle Plan"

I was in a fabled land where I had participated in a war, and along with the people living there, had been defeated. I had left for a while, but now I had returned to fight again.

The country was run by about a dozen different types of beings. Some of the beings were gathered together with me on a road, trying to decide how we would fight against our enemy. Suddenly I saw a black wolf coming toward us. I told the others the wolf would be able to help us.

The wolf walked up to me. He was old and didn't even appear to have any teeth. At first he seemed as if he were going to attack me, but then he recognized me -- we had fought together long ago. I wrapped my arms around him and we communicated telepathically. We decided that our group would join together and fight again. This time the war would be different. This time we wouldn't attack the enemy head-on -- this time we would attack and run.

Suddenly I noticed a group of giant men in a nearby field. Everyone in my group ran toward the giants and attacked them. Then we ran away. When the giants followed us, we were able to attack and kill one. Then we again ran away. Our battle plan was to conduct the war in this method, attack and run, until we could win. 

As we ran away, I became separated from the others. I began looking for a place to hide and sleep, and I saw a giant old wooden organ. I thought I would crawl under the pedals of the organ and sleep there tonight. I would find the others in my group later. Then we would again start our battle plan of attack and run.

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