Dream of: 28 August 2006 "Family, Religion, Patriotism"

I was in the Gallia County Farmhouse. Some people (they almost seemed like policemen) were trying to go down into the basement, but the top step of the basement stairs was missing and they couldn't go down. Since I knew of another way to the basement, I walked around to the stairs which normally led to the second floor, and there I found another set of stairs which led to the basement.

My first cousin Jimmy (around 30 years old) followed me down the stairs. As we descended, I began telling him some ideas I had about family, religion, and patriotism. I explained that I disdained this triad. I told Jimmy I knew he was in favor of family and things like that, and I somewhat haughtily told him if he wanted to talk about it, I would show him the weakness of his arguments.

We reached the basement floor where it was dark. As I turned around to Jimmy, who was behind me, without warning he hit me in the head, right above my right eye. If he would have hit me solidly, he probably would have knocked me out; but he had hit me with a glancing blow which only dazed me.

I now realized Jimmy was totally against me and my ideas and in his frame of mine he thought he would try to knock some sense into me. I knew I would have to fight him. Since I now was prepared, I thought I would probably get in a good blow and prevail against him. Nevertheless, as I prepared myself to fight, I realized the outcome was uncertain. I wasn't angry -- I simply understood that we could not reconcile our differences and that I simply had to protect myself.

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