Dream of: 26 August 2006 "Dividing The Dog"

It was Sunday. I was in the Summerdale Drive House, standing in the front room (quite a bit different from the way I remembered it) when Carolina walked in. Apparently she had been in the shower because she only had a towel wrapped around her. She looked as if she were surprised to see me there and I suddenly had the feeling that perhaps her fiancÚ, Sal, was in the House. I asked, "Is he here?"

She had a funny expression on her face which made me turn around, look behind me, and see Sal sitting there on a bed of a fold-out couch. He looked abut 30 years old and appeared a bit dim-witted. I stepped toward him and said hello. I held out my hand to him and we shook hands, but we didn't say anything else. Obviously I needed to leave immediately.

I walked over to Picasso, who was sitting on an easy chair in the room. I started petting him. I had brought Picasso here with me to leave him with Carolina for a while. I said goodbye to Picasso and I walked outside. But both Picasso and Carolina followed me out.

Outside, I reminded Carolina that she had told me that Sal wouldn't be in the House all weekend. But she couldn't remember having told me that, and she tried to figure out why I thought that. Picasso ran up to me, and he acted as if he didn't want me to leave without him. I started to have the feeling that perhaps Carolina would let me take Picasso. I wanted to take him -- I didn't want to leave him here. I knew Carolina would be busy and probably wouldn't have enough time for Picasso. As I continued petting him, Carolina and I began discussing the possibility that Picasso would go with me.

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