Dream of: 23 August 2006 "The Admonition"

I was enjoying flying and floating through the rooms of the Gallia County Farmhouse in front of some members of my family. Finally I flew outside and started singing a song which began  "Mama mia ..." My voice sounded excellent, as if I were singing an operatic aria. My father and my sister also floated outside, but they couldn't fly as well as I.

I looked down toward the bottom of the hill, at the bridge which crosses Symmes Creek, and I thought I might fly down there. When my father realized what I intended, he told me not to fly down to the alfalfa field, meaning I shouldn't fly down around the bridge. I didn't intend to listen to him; I saw no reason in the world why I couldn't fly down to the bridge and I responded, "You mean I can't fly down to the alfalfa field?"

My sister flew past me and she saw that I intended to fly down to the bridge despite my father's warning. She asked, "Are you going to think about me?"

Obviously she wanted me to give some thought to her. I answered, however, that no, that was the whole idea of flying down there, that I wasn't going to think about anything -- I was simply going to fly around.

Having decided to go against my father's admonition, I swooped down to the bottom of the hill. Suddenly I saw an old beat-up car -- menacing looking -- coming down the road. Abruptly I lost my power to fly and I landed on the ground. The car passed right beside me and headed up a road leading to the Farmhouse.

I had lost almost all my power, even to walk. I started crawling, barely, up the front steps toward the Farmhouse. My sister was up on the hill close to the Farmhouse, encouraging me, saying, "You can do it."

The car, meanwhile, had reached the top of the hill, turned around, and was getting ready to come back down. I was afraid the car might come right down the steps toward me. I hoped I still retained enough power to jump straight up in the air so the car wouldn't hit me. I thought to myself, "Trapped like a rat."

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