Dream of: 18 August 2006 "Missing File Cabinets"

I had been storing most of my possessions in the house I owned at 1623 11th Street in Portsmouth, Ohio. One day, when I walked out onto the front porch, I noticed a door which led to the front room of the house had been taken, leaving the doorway wide open. I walked through the doorway into the front room, and discovered that all my wooden file cabinets had been stolen. As I perused the room, I thought I saw someone moving in the room. I walked into the middle room, but when I looked back into the front room, I again thought I saw someone in there. I hollered. When no responded, I walked back into the front room. saw the person and grabbed her, a thin attractive woman (about 20 years old), dressed in white. I asked her what she was doing here. When she didn't answer, I held her tight, pulled out my cell phone and called the police.

A woman at the police station answered the phone. I told her I had an intruder in my house at 1623 11th Street. The woman said she would send someone over.

I hung up, but continued to hold the woman close to me. Suddenly I had an erection. I was pressing up against her and I wondered if we might be able to work out something. Maybe she would have sex with me if I let her go. I was uncertain, but I thought I felt her put her hand on my penis.

I continued holding her as we walked back into the middle room where I encountered Bill Clinton (50-55 years old), dressed in a black robe. I discovered that a courtroom had been set up in the room. A few other people were mingling around.

I knew Clinton -- we had talked before. I told him I had found the woman and I told him someone had stolen my file cabinets. As soon as I had spoken, I saw the file cabinets in the middle room. Clinton explained that the file cabinets had been brought into the middle room so they could be used here. Incredulous, I asked, "Do you want them?"

I didn't want to see them stolen, but if Clinton wanted them, I would be willing to give them to him. He seemed to indicate that he would like to have them.

Now realizing the woman might be innocent, I walked with her back into the front room. I wanted to check something else, and I let her go for a moment. Suddenly I heard a door slam -- I looked and she was gone. I walked out on the front porch, looked on both sides of the house, but I couldn't see her anywhere.  I didn't care much. At least I had my file cabinets. I would just let her go. 

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