Dream of: 11 August 2006 "Commune"

My father had told me about a place near Minford, Ohio. Together with an extremely attractive blonde-haired girl (15-16 years old) who was my sister (not my actual sister), I headed toward Minford. When we arrived, we entered a building which appeared to be a gathering-hall, somewhat like a church. Two or three people were sitting in the room on the floor -- there were no chairs -- and my sister and I also sat down on the floor. I was very attracted to my sister, who sat close beside me.

A man stood up and walked to a pulpit. He pulled out a book and began singing the song "America, America." The other people in the room began singing and I also joined in. I thought the man was trying to create an emotional scene, but I was unaffected. Nevertheless, I sang along and by the time we had finished the song, other people had entered the room until the entire room was filled with 30-40 people.

After we finished singing, we all walked outside and climbed on a hay wagon hooked to a tractor. My sister and I sat close to each other as we were pulled through the fields. Many people were working in the fields and I finally realized they all belonged to a commune and jointly owned the land.

Young men (probably in their early 20s) were standing along the road. I remarked how attractive the men appeared, and I commented to my sister, "The men look like women." I also commented about how attractive the women were.

We passed several buildings. One building, made of metal, looked like a big steeple. Near the building, two naked men were standing pressed against each other, one with his back toward the steeple. I could see the butt of the other man who was pressed against the first man. The man with his back to the steeple looked as if he had some blood on him. I said something about it to my sister, but we passed the men so fast, she didn't see them. The wagon circled back around and we came closer to the men, but I was still uncertain she saw them.

As we proceeded, I put my hand under my sister's shirt so I could feel her bare skin around her navel. I laid my hand over top her pants and I thought of slipping my hand inside her pants, but I was unsure I should go that far -- we had never gone that far before. But I certainly enjoyed the feel of her flesh around her navel. She likewise appeared to be enjoying my hand touching her.

The tractor continued on through the fields. It appeared we were even riding right over the crops, damaging them. Everything was so green and well-cared for. I was amazed by the whole place and I told my sister I had never seen anything like this. I was uncertain what to make of the place, but I was certainly fascinated. I said, "This is extraordinary."

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