Dream of: 28 July 2006 "Obese Relatives"

I had gone to visit my grandmother Mabel and my step-grandfather Clarence, who were living in a little one- or two-room house, far out in the country. I walked inside and looked around. Mabel and Clarence (both about 60 years old) were in the room. Although I had arrived with my father, he now was nowhere to be seen. I had been thinking that if I needed a place to live, I could live with my grandparents; but now I realized their little house was too small. I had also thought I might be able to live with my uncle Liston someday, but I had also recently visited his house and likewise had found it too small. I had concluded that I just wasn't going to be able to live with anyone. I needed too much room; I needed my own space. I needed to completely give up the idea of living with someone.

I walked outside. The house stood at the foot of a huge hill, almost a mountain, covered with trees. Right behind the house was a road which stretched up the hill. I had heard that my father had built a new house atop the hill. I thought I would like to see it.

A white pickup truck came down the road, which was very muddy. Then came another truck. I thought my father was driving the second truck and I concluded he must have gotten in the truck and gone up the hill as soon as we had arrived here. I would have liked to have gone up with him. When the truck pulled up behind the house, I walked around to see my father, thinking he might take me back up the hill. I certainly didn't want to walk up the hill in the mud. But when I reached the truck, I realized my father wasn't in the truck after all.

Another truck pulled up and people began climbing out. I kept looking at the people, trying to figure out who they were. Finally I realized they were my step-mother and her clan. It looked as if my nephew Steven and my nephew David might also be in the truck. The man driving the truck appeared to one of my step-mother's sons (she had three). I recognized him: his name was Pete (he resembled a heavy-set fellow named Chuck who works at a hardware store, Vanderbilts, in Portsmouth). I had never met Pete, but it seemed as if he had once sent me an e-mail.

I knew my step-mother and her brood were upset because I had published on the internet dreams in which my step-mother had appeared. My nephews were also apparently upset because of my publication of dreams.

I walked up to Pete, who was standing outside the truck. Despite our differences, I intended to be friendly anyway. He asked me who I was, and I replied, "I'm your step-brother."

He had been ready to shake my hand, but when I told him who I was, he pulled back his hand and started to ignore me. He turned his attention to the others and they all walked off together. There were perhaps 20-30 people altogether. They were all perhaps three meters away from me, up above me on the side of the hill. I looked for my step-mother amongst the crowd. All of them were very obese. I finally spotted my step-mother, who was the most obese of all. She was the only one whom I could now identify.

They all headed toward my grandparents' little home and crowded inside. I certainly didn't want to go in there now. Obviously my step-mother and her group had taken over the place and they didn't want me there. I felt uncomfortable just standing there. I felt bad, however, because I couldn't even go into my own grandparents' home; but I just didn't feel comfortable there now that all this fat gang had crowded into the house. I stood staring, uncertain what I would do.

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