Dream of: 26 July 2006 "Spirit Of A Dog"

I was in the Summerdale Drive House, where Carolina (about 25 years old) had been living with her new fiancÚ, Sal. Sal, however, had left for a while, and I was now staying for a few days in the House with Carolina.

Carolina, slim and trim, was standing in front of me with her back to me. I wasn't wearing a shirt. I didn't look bad -- I was in good physical shape. I put my arms around her, intending to reach around and feel her breasts. She stopped me, however, and said she couldn't. I asked, "Why not?"

I already knew why: she was committed to Sal. I started to say, "What's good for the goose is good for the gander," but I didn't know if that was the appropriate phase for what I was thinking. So I didn't say anything and she pulled away from me.

A thin black-haired Hispanic woman (also about 25 years old) walked into the room. The woman was Carolina's friend and she had come to pick up Carolina. Carolina started to introduce me to the woman, but I just waved my hand in the air as if to indicate that I didn't need to know her name. So Carolina stopped and didn't tell me the woman's name. The woman didn't seem offended and the two of them left together.

After they had left, I walked out into the front yard where Chaucer and Picasso were running around. Both dogs looked like Picasso, but I knew that one of them was Chaucer. Both of them began running up and down the street, barking at passing cars. I was afraid they would be hit by one of the cars, or that someone might call the police because the dogs were running wild.

Somebody came walking a couple other Dalmatians down the street. They had to swerve over to the far side of the street to avoid Chaucer and Picasso.

I began to realize how strange it seemed that Chaucer was here, since I knew he had died, and I began to look at the dog as the spirit of Chaucer. 

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