Dream of: 14 July 2006 "Foot Race"

Ten chairs were lined up in a row, and I was sitting on one in the middle of the line. Other people were in the other chairs and a woman (about 20 years old) was sitting in the chair on my left. We were all going to be in an important Olympic-style foot-race.

I didn't know how I had become involved in this - all the other racers were highly trained. I knew how to run, but I wasn't trained for this. Somehow, however, I was right in the middle and the others thought I belonged there.

I put my arm around the shoulder of the woman on my left. She was very nice and sweet and I really liked her.

About five meters away right in front of us was a cinder block wall. I thought perhaps we were only going to race to the wall. Since I didn't know, I tried to be funny and I asked the woman if we were going to run to that wall. She didn't pay much attention to my question. I could also see a mirror in the wall and in the mirror I could see the woman and me sitting together. I was the only one with my arm around someone. I looked thin and I only looked about 30 years old. I was wearing a blue sweat shirt.

I looked to my left where there was a big window. I could see outside to a big track which appeared to be in a stadium. I figured we were probably going to run all the way around the track. I decided I was going to do the best I could. I didn't know how far we were going to go, but I would just try to keep up. I thought I could run as fast as the others and keep up with them. I might even end up winning the race. I just wasn't sure how far I was going to have to go.

We all stood up and we were getting ready to go out there. The girl made a comment that if she came up close behind me I shouldn't worry, that she wasn't threatening me. Apparently she anticipated that she would be behind me and that she would be trying to pass me. She just wanted me to know she wouldn't be threatening me if she did that. So we all started walking out.

I had once heard about an untrained person who had won a race like this. Maybe it could happen to me.

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