Dream of: 12 July 2006 (2) "Held Responsible"

I was in a big truck which sat high off the ground and whose interior seemed like a car. My mother (only about 50 years old) was driving. My sister and someone else were also inside. We were in Columbus, Ohio. My sister had told my mother that she (my mother ) could drive for a little bit. We were traveling down a busy street, when suddenly I saw a shirtless man (about 30 years old) standing in the middle of the street. My mother didn't see the man and she ran right over him. I looked back through the mirror and saw him lying on the edge of the street. My mother continued driving on.

We were just north of downtown Columbus. I screamed at my mother that she had run over a man. She continued driving for about a block and half before she finally stopped. I knew we had a serious problem. I climbed out of the truck, which now seemed more like a car. I knew my mother (who seemed completely disconcerted) would have to take responsibility. As soon as I was out of the vehicle, two policemen pulled up. When they walked up to me and I asked them about the man, they said he was dead.

Obviously the situation was serious. I realized that my mother's driver's license was expired and that she had Alzheimer's. I wondered if I could even be held responsible for allowing her to drive. I asked one of the policemen if he knew the man. He acted as if he had seen the man before, but he wouldn't say for sure. I started to have the feeling the man was a homeless person who just roamed around the streets. I asked the policeman if the man should have been there in the street. From what the policeman said, I gathered that the man had been right out in the middle of the street and that he shouldn't have been there. I immediately saw that perhaps my mother wouldn't be held at fault: perhaps she had had the right of way.

My mother was still sitting in the front seat of the car. I ran up to her and told her it wasn't her fault. Already, however, the policemen were taking control of the situation and they wanted her to go down to the station. I decided to go with them.

As we prepared to leave, I realized we were in front of the House in Patriot. Some other relatives pulled up in a big old green car (probably from the 1940s) which a man was driving. Six or seven people were in the car. They only stopped for a moment, then started to pull out. I hollered. I saw a little place in the back seat where I could sit. I wanted them to take me to the police station so I could give legal advice to my mother. The car slowed down and stopped. I ran to the car and opened the door so I could hop in.

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