Dream of: 03 July 2006 "Learning To Dance"

Carolina and I were in the lobby of an airport where we had just arrived. As we waited, people began debarking from a plane and walking past us. A thin man (abut 50 years old) began talking with us. He wanted to know about London and asked us if we knew of any good bars  in London. I asked him if he were going London and he said no, that he had just returned from London. His response made me conclude that it didn't make any difference if we knew of any good bars in London since he wasn't even going to London. I didn't understand why he even wanted to know. He walked out.

Carolina also walked out and left me by myself. I fell asleep. When I woke up, I walked into the next room and found myself in the House in Patriot. I had been in the front room of the House and I was now in the living room/kitchen area. The House, however, was part of the airport.

Carolina was in the room and some of her family members were standing by the kitchen door. She said that she wasn't going to stay with me anymore, that she was leaving. She said she still owed me $1,000 and she pulled a wad of bills out of her right pocket and threw them at me. The bills fell on the floor. She said she had already counted the bills and $1,000 was there. She turned and left with her family.

I began picking up the money. Some bills had fallen outside in the front, which was like the front of an airport where the cars pull up to pick up passengers. When I went outside to pick up the bills, they looked like tortilla chips. Mixed in with the chips were a bunch of coins which I also picked up. Also mixed in were some little white pieces of hard leather (like the pieces I sometimes give to my pet Dalmatian Picasso) and some jewelry.

A man picked up something which I thought was part of the money, although I couldn't see exactly. At first I thought he was going to give it back to me, but then it looked as if he were going to keep it. Since I didn't want to argue with him, I didn't say anything.

When I had everything gathered together, I started walking away. I wondered what I would do now. I figured Carolina and I were finished. She wasn't attracted to me anymore. The situation reminded me of my Dallas friend Eloise. Eloise had been older than I, and I had never been attracted to her, just like Carolina was no longer attracted to me. However, if Eloise would have thrown herself at me, I probably would have had some kind of relationship with her. Maybe Carolina would still have a relationship with me if I threw myself on her. But I doubted I would.

I figured I would now be living by myself in Fort Worth. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I thought I might take up dancing. I might start taking country-western dancing lessons by myself. I had never learned to dance with Carolina, but now that I was alone, I might learn to dance. 

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