Dream of: 24 June 2006 "Older Brother"

I had walked into a building with Smith (a Portsmouth attorney) in downtown Portsmouth. Inside, in a room which resembled a courtroom, people were sitting at pews. Smith and I sat down, with Smith on my right. Nothing was happening in the room, except for people coming and going, and talking around us.

A woman surprised me when she ran into the room and began excitedly talking in German. She stayed briefly, then dashed back out. I was likewise surprised when another man (about 50 years old) in front of us also began speaking German with someone.

Another fellow (about 40 years old) walked into the room. Smith mentioned that the fellow was a lawyer from another jurisdiction who had come to Portsmouth just as I had and had never obtained a law license here. Smith said the fellow had originally only planned to stay in Portsmouth a short while, but now he had been here for years and he still didn't have his law license here. Smith said the fellow did, however, know the law here, and that he could function as my older brother. I commented that I didn't understand why people thought I needed an older brother, that I could handle myself.

I turned my attention back to the man in front of us who had been speaking German. I spoke to him in German and told him his German was very good. I asked him if he was German. He turned to me and began speaking to me in German. A younger man who was apparently the nephew of the older man walked in and sat down next to the older man. The older man and the younger man began speaking German together. When they both stood up, I also stood up and the older man introduced me to the younger man.

The younger man continued speaking German. At first I couldn't understand him well, but finally I gathered that he was saying he had come inside because someone outside had parked in front of his car and blocked it. He asked me what color my car was, but I couldn't remember. I thought my car was green, but I couldn't remember for sure. I didn't even remember what kind of car I was driving. Finally I said I thought my car was white, and the younger man and I headed toward the door together. I wasn't sure, but I thought perhaps indeed I had blocked the fellow's car. I didn't think so, but I decided to walk outside with him anyway.

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