Dream of: 20 June 2006 (2) "Rosa"

I was trying to think of someplace in Portsmouth, Ohio where I could go to see something new. I recalled an old building in the Farley Square area which I thought had been converted into a historical monument. I went there, found the building, and walked into a big empty room. Along the walls were large plaques which looked like coffin lids and I thought they were coffin lids. I began looking at them. They were made of metal and covered with ornate designs which seemed Spanish in origin.

A thin frail woman (about 60 years old) was leaving, but when she saw me, she stepped back in and approached me. She walked up to my face and began sniffing me. I wasn't sure, but I thought she might be trying to detect alcohol on my breath. She said something. I spoke to her in Spanish since I thought she spoke Spanish. Finally she seemed satisfied. I said, "Gracias," and she walked away. 

I continued walking around until I walked into another room, a classroom. Probably 30-40 seats were in the room, but only a couple people. I sat down in one seat. A pretty Hispanic girl (18-19 years old) walked up close to me and asked me to put my arms around her. I put my arms around her and closed my eyes. I held her close and ran my hands through her hair. Being close to her was ecstasy. I hadn't held anyone like that for quite a while. I used to hold my ex-wife Carolina like that. After Carolina and I broke up, Carolina hadn't gone through the experience of not having anyone to hold because she had immediately started seeing someone else even before she had left me. She had been seeing two people at the same time.

I thought about the huge age difference between the girl and me (I was in my 50s), but then I concluded the age difference wasn't important if we enjoyed each others' company. I continued holding her for a few minutes. Finally she pulled away, stood up, and walked out.

Meanwhile the room had filled up with people who were sitting all over the place. It looked as if a class was going to be held, but I wasn't uncertain. Finally the class began. It was very interesting and I liked it. Many Hispanics were in the class. I thought my old buddy Roger Anderson might like a class like this, but I doubted I would tell him about this class. I thought I could meet a lot of people there.

When the class ended and people started leaving, I walked up to a stage in front of the classroom. I stood on the stage and thought I would show the few remaining people what I could do. I began rising up in the air. After I rose up high to the ceiling and was floating around, I looked behind me and saw another fellow had also started floating up to the ceiling. He was an older fellow and for a moment I thought he might be my old college professor, Rembert Glass, but he wasn't Rembert.

He reached me and we began floating around together. I immensely enjoyed his company. I asked him about Rosa (the name of the girl whom I had been holding). I asked him if Rosa was still there. He said yes, and he pointed over to a corner of the room. I thought to myself, "Well, she isn't real then."

What I meant was that she didn't really care about me. She held everyone close the first time she met them. The man, however, indicated that Rosa was indeed real. He indicated that she was over there in the corner and that I could go and talk with her.

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