Dream of: 20 June 2006 "Stirred Up"

Carolina had taken me and my father (about 50 years old) from Fort Worth to an apartment where she was living in Dallas. Inside, I was amazed by the huge size of the place. I quickly realized, however, that her new boyfriend would arrive soon and I also deduced that her boyfriend was living there with her. I asked her how much she was paying for this place. She didn't want to tell me -- she was very reluctant. Finally she told me she was paying $4,900 per month for rent. I could hardly believe that anyone would pay that much money. Then I realized she didn't even make that much money in a month -- she only earned about $3,000 per month. I remembered she had recently received a raise so she was making more than $4,000 per month. That still wasn't enough to pay the rent, so obviously her boyfriend was helping her. I concluded he must also live here. I figured he was probably making about the same as Carolina, so between them they were probably earning about $8,000 per month. That would cover the rent, but it was still ridiculous that they would be paying that much money in rent.

I wanted to leave before her boyfriend arrived. I started putting on my shoes which I had taken off. I realized they had some mud on them. I tried to get Carolina to take us, but she didn't want to leave. She wanted to stay. Finally, her boyfriend walked in the door.

He walked into the living room where we were. He was Hispanic (about 35 years old) and of average build. He was polite. I held out my hand and we shook hands. He sat down. He didn't seem offended by my presence.

After we had talked a little, I realized Carolina's mother, Paz, was also sitting in the room. She was sitting with her back next to the boyfriend, who began saying something about her, about how she was a mother-in-law who could be bought. I said something like, "Yea, and she can be bought cheap." I was referring to Paz's willingness to - in a way - sell Carolina.

I was sitting at a table. My father seemed to be listening to everything which was transpiring, noting the amount of money which was paid for rent.

The boyfriend had a couple children who were also living here, but they weren't here at the moment.

Carolina walked to the table with a bowl of beans and cornbread and put them down in front of me on the table. I asked her if they were for me, and she said no, that they were for her. She intended to sit down and eat.

I looked at the top of the bowl of beans and Carolina said something about Alan's being "stirred up." She was referring to my first cousin Alan. Apparently by looking at the beans, Alan's face could actually be seen in the beans, but I could not figure out what Carolina had meant by her enigmatic words.

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