Dream of: 17 June 2006 "Coal Mine Wealth"

I was in the front passenger seat of a car which my father was driving on a gravel road in the country. My pet Dalmatian Picasso was also in the car with us. We began winding up a hill and when we had almost reached the top, the road became so steep, the car began tilting backwards. The front wheels came off the ground and the car didn't stabilize until it was standing almost straight up and down, with the front up in the air.

I was able to stand up in the car and I began moving around. I thought I might climb out the window and try to pull down the front of the car. I was afraid the car might tumble all the way back down the long hill. Finally, however, the car came down and we were able to pass over the top of the hill.

We were still riding on a little country road when we reached an area with coal mines all around us. Coal was clearly being cut straight out of the mountains. The mountains were slashed open and coal was everywhere. All kinds of people were working there. I thought if I ever needed a job, I could probably find a job working at one of these coal mines. I started talking with my father and I was surprised to learn that he owned these coal mines.

He drove a little further until he pulled into a little general store. He stopped the car and we stepped out. Picasso, my father and I walked through the store until we came to a room with stairs leading upward. I told Picasso to "stay" and he stayed at the bottom of the stairs while my father and I walked on up. We ended up in a rustic room over top the store. Four or five men dressed in suits were sitting around the perimeter of the room. I quickly concluded these men were political figures in this little county. I wasn't sure, but I thought the county was either Gallia County or Scioto County, Ohio.

I sat down and the men began talking about my father's coal mines. It quickly became clear that with all his coal mines, my father was the most powerful man in this little county.

A map was on the wall. Since I wanted to know exactly where we were, I asked someone if he could point out our location on the map. I thought we were in Scioto County, but when the man stood up by the map, it turned out we were in Meigs County, Ohio. The man pointed to a large area where my father's coal mines were located.

I asked my father if he owned the land or if he just leased the land. He told me he owned the land and he told me how many acres he owned. Someone mentioned the price of each acre and I began calculating the total value: I came up with a figure of two billion dollars. Amazed, I repeated the words "two billion." That was an incredible amount of money. Apparently, however, my father was worth two billion dollars.

I mumbled that he had done a good job of keeping this secret all the years. He acknowledged that he had.

I was starting to worry about Picasso being left alone downstairs and I told my father I was going to have to go back downstairs and take care of Picasso. I stood up and walked out of the room. On the way, I began worrying that someone might have shot Picasso or hurt him somehow.

As I headed down the stairs, I thought how I hadn't expected my father to bequeath anything to me when he died. But if he had two billion dollars, surely he would leave me a little bit. I thought I could probably even tell Carolina that I would at least receive a couple million, practically nothing out of two billion. Two million, however, would be an enormous sum for me. I could tell Carolina that she had divorced me just a little bit too soon (we had divorced in April 2006).

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