Dream of: 10 June 2006 "Lilly"

I was sitting next to somebody who had some old record albums lying on a table in front of him. A couple albums looked as if they were the old 78 rpm albums and I asked the fellow if he had any old 78 albums. I told him I wanted some with colorful pictures. He pulled out one as big as a poster. The title on the front had the word "Lilly" in it. The figure of a woman almost covered the left side of the cover. She had a top hat and she was a dancer. She had one leg up in the air and one hand holding a baton up in the air. She was wearing a black outfit with a short skirt. Some other dancers appeared to be in the background. To her right was a colorful scene composed of little drawings which depicted an old-fashioned steamboat. Behind her was a leafy  tree which rose to the top of the album cover and branched out along the top. 

I held the pretty cover in my hands, looked at it, and told the fellow this was exactly what I was looking for. It was so pretty, I definitely would like to have it. I began searching for more of the same kind. I knew, however, that the album was reserved for someone else, and I wasn't going to be able to obtain it. This album, however, was definitely the type I was seeking.

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