Dream of: 05 June 2006 "Movie Production"

I was sitting next to Al Pacino (probably in his mid 50s). He was slender and in good shape. We were sitting outside, watching a movie production. Pacino was waiting because he needed to talk with someone. I was enjoying myself, being here and watching the unfolding of one scene after another. The setting of the movie was the United States Civil War. I reflected on the paucity of civil war movies and how interesting this was. I also started thinking that this was what I myself wanted to do: I wanted to make movies. I could probably find someone who was making a movie, show up, and say I wanted to work. I could begin working immediately. I might do camera work or whatever.

I figured the most difficult part of making a movie was writing the script. More than anything, I would like to write a movie and then see it all put together like the one I was watching in front of me put together, to see the point which you most wanted to bring out in the movie put together.

As I watched, I talked a bit to Pacino. He was very friendly. I asked him if he was still learning anything when he watched someone making movies like this. He said he was still learning.

We continued watching.

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