Dream of: 02 June 2006 "Taking Consolation"

I walked out of the back bedroom (next to the garage) of the Summerdale Drive House and into the living room. Four people were sitting in the room. A man and woman were sitting by the television, Carolina was sitting on the long couch, and her boyfriend Sal was sitting on the short couch. Everyone was probably in their late 30s. I sat down in a chair by the door, straight across from Sal.

The man and woman were both attorneys and they were questioning Sal. They seemed to be taking a deposition for some kind of case. I had never seen Sal before, so I was curious about what he looked like. I listened and stared right at him. At first I thought about giving him a mean look, but I decided I didn't want to do that. I just wanted to see what kind of person Carolina was going to end up with.

As the questions rolled along, I realized the questions were the same ones I had about how Sal had gone out with Carolina when Carolina and I had been married. I was very interested in his responses. I was just as interested in his appearance. He was probably in his late 30s. He was somewhat heavy set, but not overweight. I would say he was husky. He had long black curly hair which fell to his shoulders. He had big puffy lips. He wasn't handsome, just average. I wasn't impressed. I took some consolation that Carolina was ending up with someone who wasn't at all good looking.

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