Dream of: 29 May 2006 "Explosives"

I was serving in a military force fighting a vast army. The time seemed to be in the 1800s. We could see the opposing army following us. After we had crossed a bridge and continued on, we realized we could have blown up the bridge and hindered the enemy force from following us. When we reached the next bridge, we thought about blowing it up behind us, but since we didn't have any explosives, we continued on.

After a while we managed to acquire some explosives and when we reached a trench, we were given the order to bury the explosives in the trench. We planned to ignite the explosives when the opposing army arrived. When the other army came toward us right down the trench, so we had to fight them off while we buried the explosives. Fighting began in the trench while the explosives were buried. We fought against the other army until it pulled back and we were able to bury the explosives. As we began to pull out, three or four of us (including myself) were ordered to remain behind to make sure the explosives ignited. We stayed while the rest of our army left.

The other two or three soldiers and I walked up on a hillside above the explosives so we could look down. Once we were up on the hillside and looking down, I realized we had buried the explosives right in the middle of a town where people were walking around all over the place. A little girl was walking near the explosives and I thought about running back to grab her away, but I knew going back down there would be too dangerous. Finally she moved away. Four or five black people walked up and stood right on top of the explosives. They were having their pictures taken in front of a big building. Other people strolled around near the explosives. I realized whoever was there when the explosives went off would be killed, but it had to be done.

I waited quite a while and nothing happened. I thought perhaps I should move on, but I knew my orders were to remain here until the explosives exploded. So my comrades and I stayed, keeping watch, looking down the hill. We were actually on a little street looking down. A woman walked up and stood in front of me at one point. I asked her to move so I could keep my eye on the target. I found a comfortable place to sit and I perched on the side of the hill, waiting for the explosives to go off so I could move on.

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