Dream of: 27 May 2006 "Group Of Crazies"

I was in Portsmouth, in a big room with 30-40 people who were sitting in pews. I was sitting in the back of the room. We were waiting for something like a meeting to begin. A fellow (about 30 years old) sitting behind me began speaking. He began complaining about my having some kind of religious group, like a sect. I immediately spoke up and said that was not true. I emphatically stated that I did not belong to a sect.

The fellow continued complaining that the members of the group had taken little one-sheet flyers, passed them out all over town and put them on doors. He pulled out a copy of the Portsmouth Times which he said contained an article about this group which I was running. I retorted that I had heard about the article, but that it was a mistake which the Portsmouth Times had made. I said I did have a small group of people, but not the group mentioned in the Portsmouth Times. I said the group mentioned in the Portsmouth Times was indeed a group of crazies, but Portsmouth Times had mistaken my group with this other group of nuts.

Nevertheless, I told the fellow that if I had been a member of the group of crazies, I still would have had the right to pass out the flyers. The fellow back off a little. He seemed to somewhat agree that I would have had the right to pass out the flyers. I told him that the people in that group were indeed a bunch of crazies, and that the world was full of crazies. However, I was not a member of that group.

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