Dream of: 14 May 2006 "Turn, Turn, Turn"

I was sitting in a car across the street from the church which stands on the corner of 8th and Gay streets in Portsmouth. I could hear singing emanating from the church and I could even see into the church through the open front door. When I heard the words "turn, turn, turn," I thought how the words were about turning the path a person was taking. How difficult it was to turn, especially for someone like me who had no desire to turn; or my father who was so set in his ways; or my step-mother who might turn in appearance, but still remained the same underneath.

Nevertheless, I wanted something in the church. I stepped out of the car and I walked over to the church. I stood at the door and stared inside. The church was filled with people, including many Mexicans, some dancing partner-dances. I thought the local Mexicans probably came there to try to join into the community and establish some legitimacy. I might even be able to meet some Mexicans there and talk Spanish with them.

One black-haired Mexican woman (perhaps in her mid 30s) dressed in light red came out and started talking with me. I was attracted to her and our conversation turned to Spanish cassette tapes which the church was passing out to help people with their Spanish. I told her I  would like a couple tapes and she gave them to me, but then she said the tapes would cost a dollar apiece. I became miffed and I thought of giving them back to her. I complained that she had said the tapes would be free, that only the unopened ones cost money. She still said I would have to pay, and I finally told her I would take them.

We had been speaking English, but I answered "si" several times and she asked me in Spanish if I understood Spanish. Again I said "si." She started talking in Spanish and I answered in Spanish. I was about to give her the two dollars when she walked back inside. When she came back out, she said that there was also a charge for gas, that I would also have to pay 60 cents for gas. This news really upset me. I told her I was the one who was driving -- not the people in the church. She seemed to back down. We argued a little more about the price and I told her to forget the whole thing.

Nevertheless, we continued talking and I tried to put my arm around her to demonstrate that I liked her; but she backed away, even though I had the feeling she liked me too. I told her to forget the whole thing, and appearing disappointed, she went back inside.

I picked up the two tapes and stuck them in my pocket. I thought she had indicated I could have them without paying, but I wasn't sure that was what she had said. I walked away and up some steps to take a short cut. When I reached the top of the stairs, however, I couldn't go on. I could hear the woman inside talking to the minister. She said "se fue" -- talking about my leaving. The minister was clearly upset. It sounded as if he intended to marshal everyone to look for me. Obviously they were trying hard to recruit new members.

 I looked down the steps and thought of descending by sliding down the edges of the steps like I knew how to do. Another pretty Spanish woman was standing at the bottom of the steps. I thought she would intercept me and talk more about my coming into the church.

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