Dream of: 10 May 2006 "Pursuer Pursued"

I had been staying for a few days in a big house which belonged to my father. A girl (15-16 years old) showed up. She was trying to escape from a man who was trying to catch her and she wanted to hide there. I began locking all the many locks on the doors all over the house. The man (a big husky muscular fellow about 20 years old) showed up and stalked around outside. Some other people also showed up to help me, and I told one to call the police. A policeman (dressed in plain clothes) showed up, and then the husky fellow walked into the house. He sat down on a couch and I sat down right in front of him, with my face right in front of his. I backed my face away for a moment, and some other fellows jumped on him and tried to subdue him. He fought them off, jumped up, and ran through the house. He searched through the house until he saw the girl, then began chasing her. He chased her outside and the rest of us ran after him, trying to stop him.

We ran past a second girl who had showed up. Someone said the second girl had burned the turtle. I saw she had used a cigarette to burn a turtle, as well as to burn a place on her arm. As I passed her, I said, "You're under arrest."

I thought she could be arrested for cruelty to animals. She mumbled that she was 26 years old and that all she could do was burn herself. She was pathetic.

We continued chasing the, husky fellow, who now appeared to be a big brown horse, running wildly. A whole gang of us were giving pursuit. The horse ran through a long field (with some other horses in it) until it reached a fence, and it ran right through the fence. It continued through the next field until it reached another fence and ran though it. This time, after crashing through the fence, the horse fell down a bank.

I ran up to the horse. It was a ghastly sight. I felt so sorry for it. Somebody (referring to the hooves of the horse) said the horse had "broken gums." I knelt down next to the horse and held its head in my arms. I began crying and sobbing, "Oh, poor baby."

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