Dream of: 07 May 2006 "Enjoyable Work"

While I was sitting in a library, I overheard a man talking to someone nearby about a bankruptcy case. From what I could gather, the man had been a contractor and he had done some work on a house. As a result, he had about a $10,000 lien on the house of the person who had filed the bankruptcy. The man was complaining that he might not receive his money.

The man talked and talked, until I finally stood up, walked over to him, and told him I couldn't help overhearing what he had been saying. I asked him if I could take a look at his papers.

He was friendly. He was a thin man (about 40 years old). As he handed me the papers, I thought I should be able to quickly assess the matter and determine whether he would be paid. However, the papers were much more complicated than I had anticipated. At first I wasn't sure whether the bankruptcy was chapter 13 or chapter 7, but then I saw it was chapter 13. I sat down and told the man that I was a Texas attorney and that I had handled about 1,000 bankruptcies, almost all of them chapter 13 -- so I knew a little about what I was seeing.

These papers, however, were arranged differently from what I was accustomed to seeing. Some papers were full length, but only seven or eight centimeters wide. The papers also seemed out of order, so going through them was difficult.

It looked as if another lien was on the house for a larger amount of money, so I wasn't sure whether this fellow would receive anything. I tried to determine what the house was worth, but the figures seemed jumbled. I asked the fellow when he had performed the work on the house and he said he had done it in 1998. I told him he might have an even bigger problem, because the statute of limitations might have run. I asked him if he had been collecting on the debt, and he said the debtor had been paying him all along. I thought if the man had been collecting all along, he probably wouldn't have a problem with the statute of limitations.

I stood up and walked out of the library. I walked into a vacant lot and stood. I thought to myself that I rather enjoyed working on bankruptcies. If I wanted to, I could start handling bankruptcies again. Only this time, instead of handling chapter 13s, I might handle large business bankruptcies in chapter 11. The work might be interesting. Since bankruptcies were filed under federal law, I could go to any state I wanted and work. Thinking I might again practice bankruptcy law was somewhat of a revelation.

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