Dream of: 03 May 2006 "Stupid Clerk"

I was in a toy store in a mall. I had picked out 25-30 items to buy as presents and I had placed them on the counter. As I was waiting to pay, the clerk (a man 40-45 years old) behind the counter waited on a couple customers who came after me, because they only had one or two items. Nest, a woman walked up to the counter and laid down a handful of coins which she wanted to exchange for bills. The clerk was just about to count the coins, when I protested that I had been there first, and it would take him as long to count the coins as it would to wait on me. He didn't seem to know what to do. I told the woman I would help her stack up the change while he was adding up my items. I started helping the woman stack her change, but the clerk still didn't start ringing up my items. Instead, he started doing something else.

The woman just stood there watching. She couldn't seem to figure out how to stack the coins. She had a bunch of pennies, which I knew she needed to arrange in stacks of ten. I tried to show her how.

I began thinking I had a bunch of change of my own which I should cash in. I walked over to a second counter, piled my change onto it, and began stacking up my pennies in stacks of ten. When I had finished, I looked back at the first counter and saw the clerk still hadn't tallied up my items. I told him if he didn't work on my things right now, I was going to leave. Instead of heeding my warning, he turned back to the woman with the change and began tending her. I picked up my pennies and the rest of my change, stuck them in my pocket, and headed toward the door. As I passed the woman with the change, I stopped and I vapidly said, "Nice meeting you."

She became quite friendly. She said she had a nice place in the country. I told her I also had a nice place "way out in the country." We were in Gallia County and I thought I had a place where I stayed deep in the country in Gallia County. At the moment, however, I wasn't interested in talking with the woman, so I turned to leave.

As I walked out, I thought how stupid the clerk had been. Not only had he missed a sale, he would now have to restock all the items which I had intended to buy. Restocking would take longer than checking me out. How stupid.  

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