Dream of: 01 May 2006 "Scene Of A Wreck"

I was riding in a car which my mother (about 35 years old) was driving on a windy two-lane country road. Suddenly, up ahead of us, parked right across the road, was a big white house trailer. I hollered at my mother to put on the brakes and she managed to stop in time. The trailer pulled off the road and we traveled on. 

My mother then veered off the right side of the road onto the shoulder. I hollered at her again and she pulled back onto the road. We continued on, when suddenly, I spotted a wreck in the road up ahead. The same white house trailer and several other cars had crashed off the left side of the road, right where a creek caressed the road. All kinds of debris from the trailer and cars was lying all along the side of the road and in the creek. The wreck had apparently happened only a few seconds ago, and my mother and I were the first to arrive. My mother pulled our car off the road and I jumped out.

I thought I first needed to determine if anyone were injured. I didn't like the idea of looking, because I thought I would probably find someone dead or in serious trouble. Nevertheless, I ran up to the first wrecked car (more like a van), looked inside, and saw two small children (only 3-4 years old) lying on top of each other. Both had their eyes open and they appeared uninjured. I asked them where the parent who had been driving was, but they didn't know. I looked around inside, but I didn't see anyone else.

I pulled myself out of the vehicle and began looking in the creek. Stuff from the cars was scattered all over the creek bank. I noticed a splendid purple porcelain bathroom sink which had a little statue of the animated character Bullwinkle Moose on the right side where the cold water handle should go. Apparently the unbroken sink had been flung out of one of the vehicles. From the stuff scattered around, I concluded that someone had probably been in the process of moving.

As I kept looking in the creek and along the bank for bodies, I came across a colorful metal box (obviously old but in excellent condition) about 30 centimeters long and 20 centimeters wide. On the front of the box was a picture of Red Skelton. Another metal box lying nearby had a picture of another cartoon character on the front. I figured someone must have collected this stuff from antique stores.

By now, other people had pulled up in cars and were also searching. I crossed the creek to the other side, still looking for bodies, until I came to a large modern house standing along the creek. One of the cars had crashed through the wall of the house and gone inside. I walked inside and found the house empty - apparently it was for sale - except for more stuff from the car scattered through the house. As I walked through the house, I thought to myself that if I kept buying and selling houses the way I had been doing, I might have a nice house like this someday. The houses I had been buying had been getting better and better.

As I stood in the spacious living room (two stories tall), I wondered if my father would appreciate a house like this if I owned it. I figured a modern house like this was probably not built as well as some older houses. For example, I figured the house probably had a low-grade concrete-board under the wallpaper. Nevertheless, the house was decent and I liked it.

I walked on through the house until I came back outside. I was now on an elevated spot from which I could look down on the creek and the wreck scene below. I noticed a black woman (perhaps 30 years old) wading across the creek toward my side. When she reached the bank, she appeared to be freezing and she pulled off her wet clothes except for her white panties. Her breasts were small and unattractive. She pulled something on to cover herself and she walked on. 

I headed back down to the creek, intending to return to our car. It looked as if no one had been seriously injured, so my mother and I should be able to move on. 

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