Dream of: 25 April 2006 "Infinity"

I had become a member of a high court (like a supreme court) which had nine members. I was talking to a couple of the other members. One was tall (he reminded me of an actor) and the other resembled Justice Antonin Scalia. I told them I was interested in one issue, and if they would go along with me on my issue, I would be able to go along with them on everything else. They asked me what the issue was, and I told them it was the legalization of drugs. They seemed interested in my proposal.

I wanted to explain why I thought drugs should be legalized. I wanted to talk about all the problems which the criminalization of drugs caused. They, however, seemed more interested in my going along with their issues. Scalia pressed me, wanting to know if I would go along with them on everything. I backed up a little, and told them I couldn't promise I would go along with them on everything. I thought of telling them that I would give them the benefit of the doubt on their issues. Finally, I agreed to basically go along with them on everything, but I couldn't give them an absolute positive guarantee.

We continued talking, and I asked Scalia if he knew what was the most important question in the world. He looked at me, and together we said at the same time, "Infinity."

I was amazed that he also knew infinity was the most important question in the world. We talked about infinity a little, about how the philosophical meaning of infinity was meaningless. It looked as if he and I were going to have a lot in common.  

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