Dream of: 18 April 2006 "War In Iraq"

After I had rented a small apartment, I had met a man who lived in the same building, and he invited me to supper. We went to a tavern in the neighborhood of the brewery in Portsmouth, Ohio (the hill-cradled town where I grew up). He had also invited a second man who lived about a block away from our building (I could see the second man's apartment building from the window of my apartment).

After arriving in the tavern, the three of us sat down at a table. Both men were probably in their late 40s. The second man (from the other apartment building) sat across from me. He managed the apartment building where he was living and I told him I used to live in that building. I recalled I had moved out about 4 years previously. Apparently he had moved in about that same time, so he hadn't lived there while I had been living there.

The second man talked quite a bit, while I mostly listened. From the way he was talking, I gathered he was a conservative. A couple bottles of booze were brought to our table. One bottle was tall, like a wine bottle, while the other was more like a jug. Apparently we weren't supposed to drink straight out of the bottle or jug -- the liquor was poured into glasses, and the bottle and jug were taken away. The conservative second fellow didn't drink any. I had the feeling he was an alcoholic and that he had given up drinking. I drank some and the first fellow drank some.

We were served a delicious meal. Three round dishes of food were brought out. One was a cheese dish full of delicacies. Another dish contained creamy pasta.

I said something about the conservative second fellow being a person with strong opinions, and I asked him what he thought about the war in Iraq. He smiled, then launched into a speech about how we were going to win the war. He said a tunnel would be built from Baghdad to a city in southern Iraq (he named the city) and the tunnel would help us win the war. He was highly in favor of the war and of George W. Bush.

After he had said his piece. I launched into a criticism of the war. I detailed why the war was bad. I told him to look at what we could have done with all the money and how we could have alleviated so many problems, if only we hadn't wasted all the money on this ridiculous war. I told him the environment, communications, and transportation could have been improved. Poverty could have been alleviated. Many other ills could have been cured with all that money.

He now realized I was liberal-minded. I told him I had recently seen a movie about a liberal fellow who had a couple conservative friends. This situation with the two fellows reminded me of the movie. We talked a little about movies.

When we originally had entered the tavern, it had been very crowded. Other people had even sat down at our table, and I had even asked if it was customary there to seat people at occupied tables when the place was crowded. Someone had indicated that such was the custom there. Strangers sitting at our table had even looked at me while I had been talking, and I had thought I might even have a conversation with one of them.

After a while, however, practically no one else was left in the place. We were the last people there. I was amazed at how quickly the place had filled up and then emptied out.

Since it was time for us to also leave, we stood and walked out. Many people were outside, and in the crowd, I became separated from my two companions. As I walked along, I noticed several policemen, and then I saw a gruesome sight: several bodies were lying in the street, with parts of their bodies missing. The arm or leg of one man had been cut off. It looked as if a couple bodies were of women. People were crowding in to see and the police were trying to hold them back.

At the same time, I was trying to pay my bill from the tavern. I didn't know how much it was. I thought the bill came to $50, and I would pay a third of that. However, I didn't have the bill. I found a woman whom I apparently could pay, but just as I laid my money down, I felt someone grab my arm -- the fellow who had invited me. He told me to take my money back because he had already paid. He said that he had invited me and that he was paying the bill. He asked me if I had enjoyed myself, and I told him I had. He said he and the other fellow had been trying to impress me. I felt as if they had succeeded.

He and I headed back to the car. We passed the spot where the bodies had been, but they had already been removed and the traffic was back to normal. I wished I had looked more closely at the dead women. I hadn't even noticed whether they had been naked. I was now curious as to how they had looked.

After the first fellow and I walked to the car and climbed in, we sat and waited for the second fellow. I was feeling a little intoxicated.

In front of us stood a big gray building which reminded me of a nursing home on Front Street in Portsmouth. When a woman walked in front of the building, I pointed her out to the fellow and I told him I had once been married to that woman. When another woman walked by, I told the man that the second woman had been my first wife, Louise.

Indeed, the woman was Louise. She was about 30 years old and extremely pretty. She walked into the nursing home and soon I saw her in one of the windows on the second floor. I seemed to remember recently hearing that she worked in the nursing home. I hoped if she saw me she wouldn't think I was spying on her. As I continued looking at her, it looked as if she were trying to say something to me.

I climbed out of the car and walked over to building. Louise, meanwhile, was climbing out the window, and stepping onto a ladder leaning against the building under the window. She was carrying a fifth of liquor and she appeared to be intoxicated. She was wearing a frilly light-gray dress which looked like something a maid would wear. As she climbed down the ladder, I could clearly see her white panties. The view was extremely erotic. I thought perhaps she had been taking care of an old man who was paying her a lot of money to dress up like that. Basically, I thought, she was just selling herself.

When she reached the bottom and turned to me, she clearly indicated she wanted to go with me. We walked over to the car and climbed in. I sat in the driver's seat, Louise sat in the middle of the front seat and the other fellow sat on the other side of her, next to the front window. I pulled out the car and started driving down the road. By now, I was feeling very intoxicated. I jerked in front of someone and barely avoided being hit. I could hardly see the road, but Louise didn't seem to care that I was driving drunk. She was happy to see me, and I was happy to see her. She was so drunk, however, and I was so drunk, it was hard to concentrate. I continued down the road.

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