Dream of: 16 April 2006 (2) "Picture Of An Elephant"

I was enjoying myself as I drove far into the country in a car in which my mother was riding . I had taken some LSD the previous night and I still had a couple hits of acid with me in my pocket. I hadn't decided yet, but I was thinking of taking those today.

I pulled up to a tiny house in the country. Other cars were parked around the house. We were in Gallia County, Ohio, in the area of the Gallia County Farm, but not on the Farm. We were in the mountains and we had a splendid view. Other houses were nearby, like a little village, but many houses had been torn down. One semi-circle area seemed designed for a little plaza. A little store was down the road.

My mother and I walked into the tiny house and discovered other people (apparently my relatives) inside. After I sat down on the living room floor and began going through a box of pictures, I found several pictures of my family which I had never seen before. One picture seemed to have been taken inside a church. About 20 steps (longer at the bottom and gradually diminishing in length to the top) could be seen in the picture and perhaps 100 people were sitting on the steps. Many looked like members of my family. I looked for my maternal grandfather Liston (I didn't have many pictures of him) but I couldn't find him. Apparently this was a church where my father used to preach years ago. I vaguely remembered going up and down these steps when I had been a child. I definitely wanted to keep this picture.

I looked at more pictures and found one of my father riding an elephant. I vaguely remembered this picture. A long time ago we had gone on a trip and my father had ridden this elephant. Altogether I found four or five pictures with my father and the elephant. His image wasn't clear in the pictures because he appeared so small. I thought these pictures would make good additions to the pictures which I had of him.

I found another picture of my family, including my brother Chris which I thought would be a good picture to keep.

When I saw my first wife Louise and my first true-love Birdie in yet another splendid picture, I reflected how they had both been together with me one time.

When I saw another picture depicting a group of about 15 people, I remembered all of us had been in the country together at the time of the photo. Some people in the photo had been my friends, but they had disappeared from my life, and I hadn't retained any pictures of them, so this would be a good picture to keep.

My mother (probably in her mid 30s, trim and in good shape) stepped up and said she had a picture which she wanted to show me. She said the picture depicted one of my great-grandmothers, whose name had been "White." She handed me an envelope which contained the picture. When I opened the envelope, however, I found nothing except a little piece of cloth. When I realized that my mother had been playing a joke on me, I became a little miffed. She walked away, then returned and handed me another envelope which contained the actual picture. She said she had played the joke on me because I had once done the same thing to her.

Several pictures were in the envelope. One looked like a driver's license and it apparently depicted a step-relative. When I finally did find a picture of my great-grandmother White, I thought it would be a good picture to keep.

Other people had also entered the room. As I had been sorting through the pictures I had scattered stuff all over the floor. Other people had also entered the room and they had also scattered stuff on the floor. Wondering who was in charge, I finally asked a woman and she said, "Casey" was in charge. She pointed to a woman (about 50 years old) sitting to my right. Apparently the woman was named Casey and she was in charge, even though no one actually lived in this house, which was empty, except for all the stuff which was there. Everyone had just happened to show up there today, and for some reason, the woman named Casey was in charge.

I was still thinking about taking the two tabs of acid which I had in my pocket. However, I fretted that if I took them now, I might become so disorganized I wouldn't know what was going on. This might not be the best time to take the acid, especially since I had just taken some the night before. I decided I probably shouldn't take any right now.

I noticed one little round chalky tablet of acid had fallen out of my pocket onto the floor. I picked it up. I searched in my pocket for the second tab, but I couldn't find it. I looked around. The tablet I had was white. I thought the missing tablet was red, but when I finally managed to find it in my pocket, I realized it was black. I put both tablets back in my right pocket, thinking I might take them later.

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