Dream of: 16 April 2006 "Neglected Power"

While I was in a room with several people, I decided to show them how I could float. I thought I would even show how I could float with another person. One fellow walked up to me and I instructed him to put his arms around my neck. With him holding on, my feet (clad in white tennis shoes) left the ground and I floated around the room. Nobody else seemed to pay us any mind, and finally I landed. I told the fellow we should go outside where I could float better.

We were on the second floor. I told him to go downstairs and go outside. I however, would simply go through the large window in the room. I would pass right through the glass, because I was able to pass through things. The fellow, however, (I feared) wouldn't be able to pass through the glass.

He stood watching as I went right through the glass into the outside, and I floated down to the ground.

He went downstairs and stepped outside into the big yard where I was. I wanted to demonstrate more my ability to pass through solid objects. A round wooden table was sitting in the yard. I walked over to the table and walked right through it. I stopped in the middle of the table so it was completely surrounding me -- I wanted the fellow to have an opportunity to clearly see me. I reflected that I had neglected my ability to pass through things lately. Obviously, however, I still had the power.

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