Dream of: 15 April 2006 (2) "Creative Genius"

I was in a building (probably a library) on a college campus, sitting next to a red-haired girl (about 15 years old) who resembled Lisa. As I talked with her, I realized I had read some stuff which she had written. (I was actually thinking of the writing of a woman who went by the name of Tehuti and who wrote on the Internet). I hadn't thought I would ever find her, but there she was. I was astounded because she didn't look anything like I had visualized. I was also astounded because she was extremely withdrawn in her writing and she had difficulty relating with people. Now, however, she seemed like an outgoing person who made many friends, just the opposite of the way she appeared in her writing. The contrast was amazing.

I badly wanted to talk with her. I had been attracted by the girl's writing, but now that I had seen her, I was also extremely attracted to her physically. I tried to repress the sexual attraction, but it was very strong.

She didn't know who I was at first, but then she realized she had also read some things which I had written. She was a bit distant -- she acted as if she did want to talk with me, than as if she didn't. When I asked her if she would like to go out into the hall and talk, she indicated she would, and we stood up and walked out to the hall. I continued to try to talk with her, but something always interrupted us so I couldn't speak with her.

Another fellow (in his early 20s) walked up. He was likewise interested in her. As she stood off to the side, slightly removed from the fellow and me, he called her "the little girl" and he asked me several times if I were interested in her. I answered, "Yes, she's a creative genius."

Suddenly the fellow grabbed the girl, picked her up, and ran up some stairs, as if he were trying to save her from me. He apparently thought I intended to take advantage of her because she was so young. I didn't run after them -- I thought I would find her later. I thought I definitely wanted to know her, even though I was much older than she. I wondered if she would be impressed if she knew I owned this building, which was a house on one side, and a school on the side we were in. I had only recently bought the building and started renovating it, and even I had been unaware the school was on one side. Would she be impressed by my owning the building?

 I stepped up to an elevator which I intended to take up. A couple fellows dressed in basketball uniforms (shorts and tank tops) were standing in front of the elevator, joking around. One had a bicycle. When he suddenly reached out his hand, I grabbed his fingers and his fingers interlocked with mine. We tried, but we couldn't pull apart. With our fingers interlocked, we walked out of the building. He was friendly, but I didn't want to be interlocked with him.

Carolina (about 20 years old) was with a group of people outside the building. I hollered to her and asked her if I could talk with her. She seemed in a hurry, but she came over to me. She was very pretty, especially her dark black hair. Just as she reached me, my fingers became unentwined from the fellow. I told him I would see him later and he rode off on his bicycle. Carolina seemed to want to know who the fellow had been. I felt in a daze.

Carolina said the amount of mail in my mail box had increased significantly. Carolina thought the increase in mail was due to a paper I had written in a class I was taking. (The girl was also in the class and she had also written a paper). I disagreed. I thought the mail had increased because people had learned that I had found the girl, and they were writing me about my discovery of her. I said to Carolina, "I met the girl."

She thought I had found a girl whom I liked, and she moaned, "Oh, Steven."

I realized my statement had sounded silly because I hadn't meant to imply that I had found a girl I liked, but that I had found the girl whose writing had interested me.

As Carolina and I walked along, I wanted to try to explain to her who the girl was. Several nearby students were looking at us. She said, "There's a lot of high-brows out there."

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