Dream of: 15 April 2006 "A Kidnapping"

Carolina (about 20 years old, and a bit dissimilar in appearance from normal) and I were on a bus with some other people. We were taking a long day-trip. I knew we would soon be passing a French restaurant and I thought we should stop there and eat. I spoke to the bus driver, a young man (probably in his late 20s), and I asked him if he could stop. I told him we could all chip in and buy his meal for him. At first I didn't think he was going to stop. However, he pulled out a $5 bill and said he would contribute $5 to the pot.

We took up a collection. Carolina put some money in the pot and I pulled out $12 and put it in the pot and passed the money on.

I was thinking the restaurant was excellent -- I had eaten there before. The restaurant featured a special bread which I immensely enjoyed.

We reached the restaurant and the driver pulled in and stopped. Everyone debarked the bus and entered the restaurant. Everyone except Carolina and I went into one room -- she and I entered an adjoining room, where we climbed into a bathtub. I took off my pants, but not my shirt, before getting in the tub, so I was naked from the waist down. After I was in the tub, I realized the people in the adjoining room might be able to see me through the open door. So I climbed out of the tub. I dried and dressed myself. Carolina also climbed out.

She and I walked into the room where the other people (about 30 of them) were gathered. The others looked like my old law school classmates. I was surprised to see Haim (about 25 years old) among them. I wanted to tell him I had recently tried to call him, but I felt too embarrassed because all the other classmates were here, and Haim was such an outcast. So I just walked by him and he didn't say anything. Apparently he didn't know I had tried to call him.

Leah (in her late 20s) was present. She looked radiant. I briefly spoke to her, but everyone was in a hurry to leave, so I was unable to say much to her. I did tell her I wanted to talk with her about something. I wanted to ask her if she thought I should associate in any way with Haim. I thought I would ask her about it later and seek her advice.

Everyone filed out of the restaurant and headed to the bus. Right next door was a mall. Before getting on the bus, Carolina and I stepped into the mall for a moment. People were all over the place inside. Suddenly I turned around and Carolina had disappeared. She had vanished so quickly, I immediately knew she had been kidnapped. I had seen a show on television about this type of kidnapping. I started screaming that there had been a kidnapping, "A kidnapping!" and I ran frantically from person to person.

Over to the side, a woman wearing a big coat opened up her coat, and to my shock and surprise, revealed my brother Chris inside under the coat. I ran up and grabbed Chris. As I started carrying Chris away, I realized Carolina was also with me.

A couple policemen were standing nearby. I ran up to them and asked why they didn't do anything. They replied that they didn't work here. I ran over to another sloppily-dressed policeman, but he likewise seemed uninterested, even though the woman with the coat was still standing there.

Again I ran off, carrying Chris, with Carolina running with me. We went down and escalator. At the bottom, the woman with the coat was sitting in a chair. This time another woman was with her, and a thin man (about 25 years old) was sitting to her left.

When I was close enough, I said something to the woman about the kidnapping. She asked the man (who was apparently her pimp) if he were going to let me talk to her that way. He stood up and assumed a karate stance as if he were going to try to hit me. He slung his fist and he tried to kick me, but I blocked him and knocked him onto the ground. I grabbed his head and held it on a chair. Carolina (dressed in black leather) walked up and kicked him four times -- kick, kick, kick, kick -- very hard in the face. Thinking he might be badly injured, I released him.

Nobody did anything to stop us and I didn't see any policemen. We headed out. As we departed, I reflected that the woman and her friends hadn't realized what they had done when they had kidnapped Chris. I was happy to have him back. In a way, he looked like a little animal. I thought how the kidnappers might have abused him or thrown him down once they realized what bad shape he was in. Fortunately I had been able to rescue him.

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