Dream of: 13 April 2006 "You, Who, Me"

I was riding in a car which another person was driving around Portsmouth. We were riding along Gallia Street, near the Oak Hill Bank, coming closer to downtown. I was thinking how I didn't really know anyone here anymore; I didn't know anyone much anywhere. I didn't know where to go in Portsmouth. It would be nice if I could meet someone I knew in Portsmouth.

We passed a used book store where I knew comic books were sold. I knew a second such store was also in the neighborhood. I wanted to go in, so the person driving stopped the car.

Since there were two stores, I thought perhaps the person running the second store had originally been an employee in the first store and had latter opened his own store. I wondered how many stores like this the market would support. Maybe only two.

I walked into one store and was surprised by how crowded it was. Young people were running all around. I wondered how much everything cost. As I had walked in, I had thought I had seen a big yellow sign in front saying 10% off. 

I tried to decide what I wanted. Stacks and stacks of comic were all over the place. I picked up a thick copy of a "Fantastic Four" which contained a story about "The Fall Guy." I laid the book back down.

I saw a lot of DC comics all together. I wondered if the comics had been divided so DC comics were in one section and Marvel comics in another. I thought I might want to buy a copy of a Classics Illustrated comic, instead of a regular comic book.

I walked up and down the aisles, then sat down on a couch for a moment. A fellow sitting on my right abruptly threw his book into my lap. He then pressed a remote control, and the couch moved to a different location. I was a bit insulted because I had been looking at something right in front of me. I threw the book back in his lap and I stood up. He smiled, as if he had expected me to do as much. He wasn't malicious. 

I began walking around again. Suddenly, right in front of me, stood Haim (perhaps in his mid 30s). He looked healthy and strong, better than I had ever seen him. He had a big smile on his face and he was well-dressed. I was shocked: I certainly hadn't expected to see Haim in Portsmouth, but I was happy to see him. I knew he had gone through a terrible scandal. I would have thought I would simply turn away from him if I happened to see him, but I was so happy to see him, I walked up to him. I couldn't simply shun him. I was most surprised by how happy he seemed. I knew he had been disbarred as a lawyer. I couldn't understand how he could appear so happy. I would have expected him to be a miserable-looking person. He was exactly the opposite of that.

Haim's wife, Susan, walked up. She was a tall woman (also probably in her mid 30s). I was equally surprised to see her. Haim (with a constant smile on his face) said he would be right back and he walked off, leaving me with Susan.

I asked her what they were doing in Portsmouth and where they were staying. All the while I was thinking they might not have any place to stay. I knew I had recently bought the Mabert Road House. Maybe I could put them up there for a while. I thought I probably shouldn't associate closely with Haim, but I still felt friendly toward him 

Susan and I began walking around the store. She was thin -- somewhat attractive. I asked her questions. She mentioned she had sent me some poetry because she knew I liked poetry. Since I had never received any poetry from her, I was unsure to what she was referring. She and I walked outside and boarded a car in which another person was in the driver's seat. She and I both sat in the front seat -- I was in the middle and she was on my right. I put my right arm around her shoulder and held onto her. The driver began driving.

I asked Susan why she and Haim had returned to Portsmouth. She said Haim was going to stay with Chris's partners. I thought I knew to whom she was referring and I said, "Chris Zabinski." (I thought this was the name of the person, although the person I actually had in mind was my former law school classmate, Mancusco).

As we talked, I noticed Susan's left eye was almost all white, except for a black spot in the middle. The black spot wasn't round, but looked more like a stroke of a brush.

I told Susan she was going to have to tell me everything that had happened to Haim. She seemed reluctant, as if she didn't know what I was talking about. We both knew, however, I was referring to Haim's scandal.

She seemed a little distracted, almost slightly demented. She enigmatically said she knew everything was about her. Then she added, "I know what everyone is about. You, who, me."

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