Dream of: 11 March 2006 "Louise Bell"

Carolina and I were in a shopping mall. She had wandered off by herself, while I was in a clothing store looking at some new pants. A stack of pants tumbled over on me, and as I tried to set the stack back straight, I looked up and saw Louise (probably in her mid 30s) standing nearby. She looked straight at me with a surprised look on her face, but she didn't say anything. After I pulled myself out from under the pile of pants, I stood in front of Louise, wondering if she wanted to talk with me. I was surprised when she stepped up to me and asked me if I would step out front with her. 

She didn't say anything else as she and I walked out of the mall together. Outside, we sat down at a table, and another woman (thin, about 35 years old) joined us. As Louise began talking, I learned that Louise was in a big law firm and that the other woman was also a lawyer in the firm. 

As she talked, my left knee touched Louise's leg. The sensation was pleasurable, but I pulled my knee away. 

I didn't say anything. Slowly, as Louise continued talking, I began to realize what this was all about. Apparently Louise had seen my dream web site and she was unhappy that I had written some dreams about her on my site. It sounded as if she might try to sue me for libel. 

Apparently the other woman also knew exactly who I was and that I was the one who had written the dreams on my web site. I wondered what the woman thought when she saw me. At the very least, she must have thought I was an unusual person. 

For quite a while I had anticipated someone might sue me for libel. I wasn't happy about the prospect of being sued, but I wasn't surprised by what I was now hearing. Louise said something was going to be "very big," and then, finally she got to the point. She said she had received a phone call from a man who had asked her if her name was "Louise Bell." I recalled that while Louise and I had been married, my last name had been "Bell," and Louise had gone by the name of "Louise Bell" while we had been married. Since our marriage had been so long ago and (as she said) it had taken her a long time to get rid of that name, Louise now said she had been surprised to have received a phone call from someone asking her if her name was Louise Bell. Apparently the man calling her had told Louise he had found the name on the Internet. Louise had subsequently investigated and had discovered the name "Louise Bell" on my dream site. 

She pulled out a piece of paper containing some hand-written notes. I could see the name of a lawyer in the notes. She mentioned a different name of a lawyer, and crossed out the name in the notes, and she told me the name she had mentioned was the correct one. She also said she had written me a letter about a week earlier from Mexico. I had forgotten that she was bilingual and that she spoke very good Spanish. About the same time, a little girl walked up to the other woman at the table and began speaking Spanish with her. Suddenly the woman and the little girl began singing a song together in Spanish. Louise stopped talking while they were singing, and finally Louise joined in with the other two and also began singing in Spanish. I understood the lyrics, but I didn't say anything. 

I just waited for Louise to start talking again. I kept my mouth shut, because I wasn't sure yet how I should proceed with this matter. I knew most of my assets were protected, because I had anticipated something like this. I also reflected that Carolina had recently filed for divorce. Maybe I would give more of my property than I had planned to Carolina, to better protect it. Maybe I could later get the property back from Carolina. Of course, now I couldn't even be sure I could trust Carolina. I only knew I would have to quickly make sure all my assets were protected. If I were sued, I couldn't be sure how the case would turn out, although I felt assured from my research that I would win. I knew the case would be complicated, and I thought I would point out to Louise that the chances of her winning were slim. I would try to show her that I understood the issues involved, and that I was convinced I hadn't committed any libel. 

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